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October 23 - 27, 2017

Detail of activities / strategies used to engaged students: ·Monday: §Warm Up: USATESTPREP Poll on Parallelism §Opening:Common Assessment #7 (Pre-test) §Work Session – §Instruction (I do): Character Type Lesson: Protagonist, Antagonist, Dynamic, Static, Flat, Round §Guided Practice (We do): We will begin reading Chapter 4 of Animal Farm. §Independent Practice (You do): Students should continue working on their Double Entry Journals &/or their character analysis sheets in their interactive notebooks. §Closing: Ticket out the Door: Teacher will check to make sure everyone has completed at least Chapter 1’s Double Entry Journal. ·Tuesday: §Opening:Chapter 3 & 4 Class Quiz (Animal Farm) §Work Session - §Instruction (I do): Teacher will review Direct/Indirect Characterization. §Guided Practice (We do): 1. Students will be asked to walk around the room and read the quotes posted on the wall that were taken from Chapters 1-4 of Animal Farm. Students must decide whether the qu…

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