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April 9 - 13, 2018

Detail of activities / strategies used to engaged students:
oOpening: Sonnet Review
oWork Session –
§Instruction (I do):
A. Teacher will explain the Sonnet Common Assessment (Sonnet 147)
B. Teacher will do a mini-lesson on Character Types (Flat, Round, Static, Dynamic)
§Independent Practice (You do):
A. Sonnet Common Assessment; students are only allotted 35 minutes – (Timed Assessment)
B. Students will complete practice exercises on the different character types
Closing: Ticket Out the Door – Students will think about their favorite character from a book or movie and identify which type of character they represent.

oOpening: Character Types Review
oWork Session -
§Instruction (I do): Teacher will explain Character Type Mini-Project
§Independent Practice (You do): Students will complete Character Type Project (Pairs & Groups of 3)
Closing: Ticket out the Door: Who do you think is to blame for the death of Romeo & Juliet? (One pick ONE person)

oOpening: Discussion…

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