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September 18 - 22, 2017

How will the students learn? Detail of activities / strategies used to engaged students: ·Monday: oWarm Up: Sustained Silent Reading oOpening:  Common Assessment #3 oWork Session - §Instruction (I do): Teacher will introduce Unit 2: Defining Style and Rhetorical Appeals in the Springboard books on page 69. §Guided Practice (We do): Teacher will begin teaching Unit 2 Vocabulary – Ethos, Pathos, Logos (pg.69); Students will take notes in their interactive notebooks. We will read “America’s Schoolchildren” a Speech written by Barack Obama on page 70. §Independent Practice (You do): Students will complete the Second Read/Comprehension questions on pages 74-75. oClosing:  Students will share/review their answers with an elbow partner.
·Tuesday: oWarm Up: Sustained Silent Reading oOpening:  EOC Prep (USA Test Prep) oWork Session - §Instruction (I do): Teacher will introduce SOAPSTONE/SMELL Reading Strategies. Teacher will introduce Mini-Lesson (Rhetorical Appeals) §Guided Practice (We do): As a class, we …

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