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March 12 - 16, 2018

How will the students learn? Detail of activities / strategies used to engaged students: ·Monday: oOpening: Unit 2:  Post-Test o Work Session - §Instruction (I do): Teacher will introduce the Life and Times of William         Shakespeare and Unit 3 (Coming of Age on Stage) §Guided Practice (We do): Teacher will show a mini bio video of Shakespeare’s life and students will write down 5 – 7 important facts and we will have a brief discussion about the facts. (Video) §Independent Practice (You do): Students will individually complete a QHT Chart on Unit 3 Vocabulary Words. (We will create a chart for our class, as well) Closing: Ticket Out the Door: Importance ofIndependent Reading
·Tuesday: oOpening: Independent Reading o Work Session - §Instruction (I do):  Teacher will show a BRAINPOP Video on Drama. §Guided Practice (We do): a. Students will take the Brain Pop Quiz as a whole class activity. Teacher will help guide the…

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